Utility Specialist Certification


The complete training and certification package for cleaning workers learning about the Utility Specialist function in Team Cleaning. Once purchase is completed, click the My Account tab on the top right of your browser window to access your purchased content and check current course progress.


More than the other specialists the Utility Specialist has to be aware of the three dimensions of cleaning. These dimensions include tasks, space coverage and time allotment. This course will provide the background for understanding the more varied functions of the Utility Specialist. The (OS1) Scouting Reports with their flow charts are an abbreviated listing of the main critical functions of the Utility Specialist. The playbook is your guide. Study it’s contents and to prepare for the Utility Specialist exam.

In this course, Utility Specialists will learn:

  • Daily tasks for the Utility Specialist
  • Detail tasks for the Utility Specialist
  • Key functions of Utility
  • Proper cleaning terminology
  • Specific safety and ergonomic guidelines for Utility Specialists
  • All tools and chemicals prescribed for the Utility function

The Utility Specialist module includes:

  • Utility Specialist Playbook
  • Utility Specialist Scouting Report detailing tasks, key functions, tools and chemicals
  • Utility Specialist Certification Exam (2 attempts, plus a missed questions report)
  • Custom Utility Specialist Certificate for each learner


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